This is where you can enjoy the highest quality and value for money sushi and sashimi in the whole of Singapore! With our buyers in Japan sourcing seasonal seafood from the regions and from the Tsukiji fish market, diners will be able enjoy the blessings of the sea when they are at their best.

The restaurant has a standing sushi counter, counter seating, and table seating. A private dining area will soon be available for those customers purchasing seafood from the Jonai section. For an additional fee these customers can select the fish they want, see it filleted, and have a private chef turn the fillets into sushi and sashimi before their eyes. What is left they take home with them!

The international seafood restaurant is where customers can try a selection of the seafood we carry. It is place where customers can have a boiled lobster in a butter sauce, steamed clams, or a variety live oysters. This is a place where healthy seafood is cooked simply to preserve its natural flavours and goodness.